This question is intended for those of you who have and those of you who considered purchasing and installing a large (18′ x 32′ +) above ground pool. What do you or did you see as the pluses and minuses?


My oldest son bought a house with an 18′ round pool already installed. A few years after moving in, they decided to replace it with the same size pool and they’ve been enjoying it for quite a few years now. He said that the maintenance is minimal and takes a few minutes a week during the swimming season.The only negative thing he mentioned was finding a winter cover that would last longer than a year or two.


We’ve had our above ground pool since my youngest was in Kindergarten. It is 18′ and is our second pool. We’ve gone through a new liner every couple of years.A few thoughts, it does take as much maintenance as a regular pool. Check levels every day. When these pools go green it goes quick. I’d get a good filtration system and run it every day. When putting it in make sure your ground is level. I’d place your pool in a place that is shaded during the day. You won’t have as many issues with it going green if not in full sun always. You’ll need a good skimmer and vacuum system. Now that our kids are grown we’ve decided to take it down. A lot of work for just the two of us, and hubby is getting older and can’t keep vacuuming it out. It was great when the kids were growing up and had their friends here every day in the summer. Also Hippy is right you will be replacing the cover every year or so. If you buy a kit keep the cover they give you. It will be the best one you can find.

Those covers are always breaking down.  My son replaces his every couple of years too.

PLUSES:They’re easier to deal with than an underground pool.


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