This is not a spam question… do you guys use (or know of) a good computer program to type what you speak? (I have so much material for my book that it will take me at least a year to type it up! Lol!)




Nuance Dragon I have never used it, but it seems to have good ratings.

In a previous life, I worked on using VR software as a means of data capture. I experimented with Dragon. I think they are still in business (they have a web presence, certainly). IBM also had a product.You will have to make corrections, if you want to present your work formally, there will be mistakes where things like rose rows roes a rose arose, your you’re, there their they’re etc.Contextual heuristics have obviated some of these problems in recent years, but cannot fix everything.If you have a lot of technical terms (I know from experience that organic chemical names, for instance, are a REAL problem) then expect to have to edit a lot of the output if you want to present the output formally.BUT for transferring notes to a machine-readable/storable form for personal use, it’s pretty good.


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