The month of March seems to be a milestone month for the Yin and Yang youngins! Jr went potty on his big boy potty last night! Lets go down memory lane. What are some of your funniest potty training moments with your children?


“My youngest son was two years old when we started fostering him and his 4 year old brother. We lived in the farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The older kids and I thought it would be cool to potty train him by letting him pee outside on a tree or lean against a tree to poo in the woods. He thought that was soooooo cool and pretty soon he’d go without his diaper just so he could pee and poo on a tree. All was going great until my wife found him peeing in the pot of an indoor floor plant. Her solution was to paint a tree on the underside of the toilet lid and bam, he was potty trained. Oh, congrats to Jr Yin on using the toilet. That is a big step.


Walters story reminded me of when my second was being potty trained. (We call her Trin and she called her older sister Dessy.) I was running out to the store for just a second and I really didn’t want to take a kid with me. I noticed Trin had pooped in her pull up so I took the opportunity to use that as an excuse not to bring her with me but I didn’t want to embarrass her either because my oldest had friends over at the time so I didn’t want to put her on blast! Lol! So i said to her Trin I can’t take you to the store with me cuz somebody went poop in their pull up. And Trin replied Dessy went poop in my pull up! Destiny said WHAT NO I DIDN’T! She was so embarrassed! I couldn’t help but to laugh hysterically at that one!

This about my neohews both of whom were well potty trained.  But there was an incident when they were about four and six when they thought it would be hugely hilarious to stand in the hallway (hardwood floors) and spin in circles naked while peeing.  Pee on the walks, pee on the floor, pee on each other. Suffice it to say, they did not think it was fun afterward.


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