Stop and think. What was your very first thought this morning? I’ll tell you mine in an answer.


“Gotta pee!!!!!!!


Five more minutes!

Turn off the protection grid,Take B.P.Do Yoga.

Gotta pee. Wait, I need to sleep for 10 more minutes.  Oh no, I can’t – gotta pee.  Is Baby E up ?  O my goodness, isn’t it Saturday yet?

I’m on holidays. ..go back to sleep. ~ sigh , i have to pee ~ Can I find that sweet spot on the pillow again ?

I wonder how my sister is doing. I really miss her this morning. Oh crap! I slept in.

Skully, please go back to sleep. Your breakfast isn’t until 7:00. (We went back to sleep for 25 minutes.) Ok Skully, thanks for the extra 5 minutes.)

Glitter bombs pepsi cigars and more glitter bombs


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