Someone likes me and chasing me for over 2 years but i like his friend. We talk a lot and he asked me to go out. But the thing is he never text me, is it possible if he likes me back?


“Of course its possible.  Maybe he doesnt have a smart phone or or simply doesnt like to text. If youre going to use something as silly as texting to decide someone likes you or not youll miss out on alot of great guys.  There are lots of reasons he may not text you.  Guess what?! With PHONES you can actually CALL and TALK to people too.  So call him.    Texting really isnt important.  Some people are not attached to their phones 24/7    Guys especially.    He may never text you    That does not mean he doesnt like you.   


Of course it’s possible. Talk to the guy.

You like his friend, not him so why worry if he hasn’t texted you.


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