So, I’ve been off for a while, happy new year, please could people fill me in with what happened so far since I was off, I heard about new mods, but its all rumors for me?


Rooster and Angela are no longer our moderators. DS Narfolk and the owner have decided to replace them with anonymous good for nothing idiots that erase user’s answers and leave mountains of spam. DS, the owner, and the other mods, being the idiots that they are, don’t give a flying rip about the users anymore. We users are still awesome as ever though!


There’s not much to add to Corey’s answer. There’s virtually no moderation now. DSNarfolk announced that the new moderators would be anonymous but, in fact, there appear to be no new mods at all. They’re a figment of her imagination. She seems to be the sole moderator and rarely attends to the site at all. In consequence there is a continuous stream of spam which is left in place.Morale is low and falling. Some people have already bailed out and others are looking at sites like I’ve Solved and Answermug. Lots of us are hanging in here hoping that the site owner will remove his head from the dark place he keeps it these days and will appoint a couple of effective mods to try to clean up the mess before Blurtit implodes. (I say try because it may already be too late.)Welcome back. >:-/

Since you were last here:We invaded Stoke-on-Trent but nobody noticed. I found a cure for cats, but nobody cared. Lettuce was invented, and declared pointless by the entire community. Pet rocks were pronounced illegal. I think that’s about it.

Too much spam on this site

answerbagJust came back online a month or so ago.

Spammers, spammers and spammers.

Spammers, spammers and spammers.


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