People took the time out of their busy lives to help me! I got to tell a few people about my about some of my life experience. And hopefully it helped them through their hard place. If the goog Lord sees fit for me to made it through another year?


“I don’t think I will do anything different. My husband and I have a few charities we donate too. We have a few friends who have been in tough financial spots and we help them if we can. Or if they need a hand with something. We will continue this.


I’m not going to do anything too much differently. I’ve been very lucky to have financial gains in the last 25 years. I don’t need it all, so I’ll continue to share what I have with those in need. I also give some of my time to young and old alike. Money is not the cure to all that ails society, sometimes just showing someone that you care or lending an ear or shoulder can make all the difference in someone’s life.Maybe you think that you helped only a few Kop, but that trickles down and you probably helped many many more than you think. Thanks to people like you, others can flourish.

Happy New Year, RK. I can’t say that I’d do anything differently in terms of charity, I will (and do) support selected charitable efforts as the situation dictates or the mood strikes, help out neighbors and the like, but I have no designs whatsoever on Sainthood. For the most part, I do make a point to tip hardworking people generously, support a few local causes and lend what help I can on a more immediate interpersonal level (like changing a flat, holding doors, or dispensing advice, where appropriate). I think that such will remain the case this year. I offer this thought: The most immediate and effective move one can make to lift people up is to make them smile. This is a cause I pursue and encourage every day.

My question is: what are you going do do different this year to help those less fortunate that you are?

I give to some charities what i can but other then than that im poor myself

I give to some charities what i can but other then than that im poor myself


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