My sister is afraid of cats but didn’t tell us until we adopted one Do We return the cat or do we keep the cat for a bit and hope she will get used to it I really want to keep the cat and everyone else in my family wants to keep it?


I am afraid of germs and doctors and hospitals. I had to learn ways of dealing with my fears cuz these things are inevitable that I will come in contact with them in my life time. I doubt your sister can avoid cats all her life. Ask her if there is a way you and your family can help her through her fears.


Keep it. She will learn a few lessons. One: Speak up when family is negotiating any household changes. Two: Face your fears. Three: When you or any one commits to something as important as another life, you follow through. So the whole family is willing to give up the cat, who is relying on you all to do right by it, because she’s scared?  Does she run that household? If you and your family are even entertaining this idea, maybe you should give it back. The cat deserves a family who is 100% committed to it and not a family who would cave to the whims of one of the children. Everytime someone comes over and gets scared you all are just going to return it? Be committed to this animal or give it back and don’t get another one until you are ALL willing to be committed. This is a life not a doll or an inanimate toy.

Who is important in your life?


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