If logically it made more sense to science to wipe out your genes from the human race as they were classed as weak and undesirable, and so ending your family tree, with the good of the whole of our species in mind in order to keep us stronger, would this be ok with you?


“It’s called eugenics.If you look up the history of it, you’ll see that it is always done by force.  Thus, it is not okay with people.


Obviously, you’ve never met me. I don’t forsee this being a concern in my case.  (Tongue inserted firmly in cheek)  😉

I think you will find, that it would be more likely to Scrub the genetic code rather the obliterate certain genetic strands altogether.  If you are thinking that it is cancer or mental illness that makes us special . . . Then I am okay with reducing THAT kind of special.

All life is sacred and cannot be replaced.


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