I share a tiny room with a guy with only 1 window and I sleep on the top bunk but he is messy and the room is so disgusting and smells so bad, I want to buy an air purifier and a bed curtain to keep my top bunk area clean and fresh, what do you guys?


“Easy enough to do. A shower curtain might be a cheap and easy solution …plus you’ll have some privacy. Those air purifiers can be noisy. Make sure to test that before buying. And check out the replacement costs on the filter. Gotta get that room mate to clean up their act though. You can only hope that he/ she finds a boyfriend/ girlfriend who will equally be disqusted


also i will advise you to be honest with him about it cause you can’t spend the rest of your life not saying anything to him about this but don’t speak to him in a rude way just say hey we need to talk and just let him know that you have an issue with it


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