Did you keep last year’s Resolution(s)? Or should I ask did you keep it or them for more than 2 weeks?


I don’t believe I’ve ever made one in my entire life.

I actually kept to my new years resolution this year. I wanted to be healthier and more fit and surprisingly I didn’t give up in a few days.

I no longer make resolutions because I don’t usually keep them. Instead I try to focus on a bad habit and work on that.

I never make any resolutions. I figure everything I have or haven’t done worked so far.

Fortunately, I found out about the recycling concept years ago.Now I approaach Jan 1 with one less project to complete.

I make resolutions every year to never make a resolution that year. I fail immediately…

I’ve been making the same resolution for about 40 years and I’ve been faithful to that resolution.

I kept it for less than a week




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